Founded in Belgium in 2017

Ceres Pharma is founded in 2017 by CEO Mario Debel and Alychlo and acquired in 2021 by Naxicap Partners, one of the top private equity firms in France.

OTC products and prescription drugs

Ceres Pharma offers a wide range of OTC products and prescription drugs in women’s & family health under own brands and third-party ones.

In-depth research and development

Ceres Pharma’s high-quality food supplements and innovative medical devices are the result of many years of research and development, based on the latest scientific insights in the field of nutritherapy and phytotherapy, as well as of constant focus on patient health and wellbeing. Clinical studies with our products provide evidence of their efficacy and therapeutic safety (no side effects).

High quality standards

Every step of the development process is subjected to strict procedures to prevent errors and deliver a reliable product. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is deeply embedded in our standard manufacturing process to ensure that the drugs, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics we supply are safe to use.

Present in 10 countries and beyond

Ceres Pharma has built an important position in Benelux, Italy and in Central and Eastern Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Serbia) and via partnerships with trusted local distributors in ROW (Rest of the world).

Efficient business model

"Think local, act global" is Ceres Pharma’s business philosophy. Ceres Pharma has an experienced leadership team and a solid investment partner to reach its ambitious growth plan. Ceres Pharma’s business model is based on local sales and medical detailing teams.

Strong M&A activity

Over the past 6 years, Ceres Pharma has grown and expanded its product range internationally. Ceres Pharma made 12 acquisitions in 2018-2023 with a tangible pipeline.

Ceres Pharma in numbers

Geographical footprint
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