Ceres Pharma continuously tries to reduce its impact on the environment, including issues such as climate change, waste management and resource use. Ceres Pharma’s carbon footprint is being measured. Different actions to reduce the company’s impact on the environment are being taken.

Ceres Pharma offices - Green roof with solar panels
Ceres Pharma offices - Communication
Ceres Pharma car fleet - Switch to electric cars
Ceres Pharma products - Reduction of unnecessary use of packaging materials and promotion of recycling
Ceres Pharma team buildings - CO2 neutral


Ceres Pharma encourages to improve its impact on society, including subjects such as human rights, diversity, labour practices, health and safety, training and development and community relations. Ceres Pharma’s diversity, health and safety data are being monitored. Besides improving women’s & family health, Ceres Pharma gives back to the communities where it operates through different social initiatives.

Ceres Pharma projects - Gloria Angeli children's home in Brasov, Romania
Ceres Pharma projects - Stop bowel cancer, Belgium
Ceres Pharma training & development


Ceres Pharma’s management and leadership practices, including topics such as transparency, responsibility, accountability and risk management are installed. A code of conduct is deployed for all Ceres Pharma employees and business partners. All Ceres Pharma employees are regularly trained on good governance.

Ceres Pharma training & development - International Leadership Meetings